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Post  Admin on Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:07 am

We should keep in touch with each other. That's why I created this forum just in case. The IRC server address you should check out is:


I'd recommend staying away from LHG and RCBAY. I created this as a place, hopefully unneeded, where like-minded people can can communicate and share knowledge. Regroup. Relax. Breathe.

I may update/expand this forum as needed, if it becomes popular, maybe include a sub-forum where scientists and researchers are able to acquire various compounds from legitimate and professional businessmen.

Any hint/suggestion of HC will result in a ban.

This is just a thought, I'm not sure what will happen, as everything is up in the air right now. Hopefully everything turns out okay and this forum is unneeded.


I'm copying my summary from TAS. I'll update this as I gain more information.

To those who are wondering wtf is going on, sit down, take a deep breath, and relax. I'll break it down.

4/18/2012 at around 3 am or so IlluminationRC begun to systematically edit almost every single post he has made across the big 3 forums, replacing it with "......" or "oink oink" or "I smell bacon" or "Funk dat shit" or similar things.

His website also went down. People begun to think he was scamming.

DMoTruth posts a pm VisResearch sent to him, revealing Homeland Security possibly has infiltrated EK and arrested the owner (or previous owner?) w00t.

Shortly afterwards, the Admin/owner of TAS received a message from IlluminationRC:

"Folks I am sending out all pending orders and then shutting down IlluminationRC, EK has been compromised by the Department of Homeland Security, and w00t is currently in jail with a charge of conspiracy to import and distribute analogs of a controlled substance, with a bail of 1m, and he is looking at 20 years.... Please everyone exercise caution"

The next day I believe someone posts on EK mid afternoon:

Dear users of Euphoric Knowledge,

It is in this time of great duress we must inform you about what has been going on, and what the current site admins have been trying to cover up.

Woot has indeed been arrested and is in custody. We have little faith that he will not roll on us. Here is proof of his arrest

[img link removed due to personal info]

As you can see, woot has been in custody since April 10. The DEA has sealed the case as an "ongoing investigation" which means EK is likely compromised beyond salvation. Resu and MrMike are not to be trusted, as they have been trying to cover up these allegations, even going so far as to say he would post from woot's account to reassure everyone. Their nonchalant attitude here seems to indicate his own LEO involvement, or at least a blatant disregard for the member's safety by covering up this event. They specifically requested the staff not tell anyone what had happened.

This is coming from the entire moderation staff. We have convened long and hard about this. Following this post we will likely be banned.

We extend a hand of friendship to you members to reconvene with us at (EDIT: EXERCISE CAUTION HERE. POSSIBLE LEO/DEA INVOLVEMENT IN THIS FORUM)

It is a nonprofit site. Vendors do not pay to be sponsored. The domain is hosted in russia, out of the USA's jurisdiction.

In this time of great strife, we must remember to be strong. We are still a community.
We advise you to take measures to protect yourselves. Delete incrimination posts, etc

The EK Moderation team

Every single thread on EK had it's title changed to "w00t arrested" or "goodbye" shortly after the above message was posted.

Within minutes after the massive post-editing stated above, the website goes down, as in completely off the net. I've heard from a few people who state that the Mods/Admins didn't take down the site, that it was the LEO/Homeland Security. The status of the database with everyone's personal info is uncertain, but my own personal opinion is that LEO has all incriminating evidence that they need already saved and taking down a forum doesn't really do much to change that fact.

On ek IRC:

#knowledge on Chillzone IRC wrote:
<hatrix> anyone see sabers post on the forums
<hatrix> wtf is happening
<william_doe> and my post
<william_doe> and some other mods
<william_doe> read the post
<william_doe> then you'llknow
<hatrix> i did read it
<hatrix> why would mr mike lie
<william_doe> not sure
<hatrix> doesnt make sense to me
<william_doe> proof is in the post
<william_doe> why would several mods lie
<hatrix> i dunno
<hatrix> im still skeptical about this
<Nyarlathotep> abut what?
<hatrix> this situation just seems out of hand
<william_doe> apparently about w00t being arrested
<william_doe> lol
<Nyarlathotep> w00t IS in jail.
<hatrix> ok i can believe that
<hatrix> but i just feel like this is a bit blown up
<Nyarlathotep> possibly
<william_doe> well i gues when they search his house, and his computer
<Nyarlathotep> but resu did campaign to cover it up
<william_doe> we'll find out how blown up it is
<mrmike> what a fucking mess
<hatrix> i thought he cut ties to the community
<william_doe> i'm getting off chillzone
<william_doe> and back to synirc
<william_doe> fuck this server
* william_doe has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.4 Insomnia
(every single person in the Chillzone IRC is banned+kicked with a message to join synirc)

The EK website is still down now.

This is supposedly proof that w00t was arrested:

These are court documents I found posted somewhere: Same documents, better resolution

That list the compounds they caught w00t with attempting to accept/purchase:

From UGL posted by a member called weinner:

Spice Weasel is saying mr. mike is behind all this over at rcbay
Another reason why you should probably stay away from RCbay. I don't know who Spice Weasel is, but I've been assured by a trusted friend that if he says Mr. Mike is behind everything, and is at RCbay, then believe him.

9:30 pm both TAS/UGL delete classifieds/vending section. Shortly afterwards TAS deletes all specific compound sub-forums as well. This is done by both forum's own decision as a precautionary measure, and for the safety of all vendors/members. They might be put back after all of this blows over, or they might not. Only time will tell to see how this entire situation plays out.

A few hours later UGL website went down, though some people speculate that it was brought down on purpose by admins for security purposes. It did give an error upon loading, now it redirects towards GOOGLE.

SOS is also for some reason down.

That's all I've gathered so far. Shit is nuts. I wish everyone the best of luck. I hope everyone ends up okay and this doesn't somehow horribly impact the entire RC scene too badly...

(If you're a vendor, and are worried about possible LEO paying you a friendly visit, I recommend taking precautions, but ultimately you can do whatever you see fit. I'd rather members/vendors over-react and stay safe, than regret later on down the road if something does transpire. (or find a friend who wouldn't mind holding a box of unknown items in it)

Be safe guys.

Thank you for checking it out



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Read Me Please Empty rcbay refuses to allow re-entry to site

Post  Martian on Fri May 11, 2012 9:56 pm

hello. i am here as a new name but was a well-established vendor.

i too was invited to rcbay. usually i wasn't one to jump into a forum but seeing as it was a brand new site and i was very jaded with recent customers on a particular marketplace i decided to post my email and list of products/prices to rcbay.

strangely enough, the site never allowed me to re-enter ever again. i emailed the admin asking to reset my password but he never responded. also any info i type in to rcbay states user info not recognized but it is from the exact same email i received the invite from. i also try to search for my thread and nothing pulls up. nothing at all. i know it existed bc i spent a few hours typing it all up and submitting it.

i suggest staying away from rcbay. i was a very prominent vendor and i am sure they are aware of me now due to my post and email listing on the site but thankfully the site never let me log in a single time afterwards so i guess since i didn't perform one single transaction on that rcbay site leo even if infiltrated on the site has no grounds to come after me for the most part. i mean, shit, they can do so but i only made a list and an email. not a single sale nor any correspondence about any negotiation to do so in any pm on the site.

good luck everyone alien


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