hate current sites for HC, any recommendations?

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hate current sites for HC, any recommendations?

Post  myPlantsRollHard on Wed May 02, 2012 12:46 am

Sooooo I hate bluelight, hate D-F, and love erowid but it obviously lacks info on RC's. Let me explain myself so maybe someone can make a decent recommendation.
Bluelight - Well bluelight is chalk full of haters. They keep their noses in the air and treat people like crap. Then there's the goddamn mods w/ nothing to do but close threads. Go count how many locked/closed threads there are, and how many new threads are the exact same as the closed threads, because some D-bag mod closed the first one. And don't dare argue w/ a mod about reopening a thread, oh no. its f*cking moronic. over and over: someone asks a question, they get an answer or two mixed in w/ a bunch of snotty-ass remarks, then after everyone is done bickering about something completely unrelated they close the damn thread. Nothing like educated people acting like 10yr olds.

D-F - Trolls, morons, and more trolls. There are smart people that contribute, but I've seen some of the worst advice ever given on that site at the same time. I'm not gonna cite specific threads, but anyone who's been there has seen these cats chiming in about the wrong chem, or just plain trolls trying to see if they can get someone to kill themselves.

erowid - erowid's info on RC's is seriously lacking especially when it comes to newer or less known chems, which are usually the ones I want info about.

So please help! I want a place with good people and good info. anyone know of anything?

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Re: hate current sites for HC, any recommendations?

Post  pinealapoptosis on Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:10 pm

After HPLC went down I really increased my traffic to TAS (TheAlteredStructure) They have a strict policy about HC and in general a very friendly community thats sniffs out scammers and assholes quickly,the out comes the banhammer.

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